5 steps to Loving yourself and your body.

In my job I fit women for bras. Over and over I see girls who don’t feel “worthy” or beautiful in their own bodies and I feel part of my job is to make them feel amazing. They are embarrassed about their wobbly bits, their tiger stripes, their breasts and hips. Butt and belly. What makes us feel this way?

After all – we are all gorgeous in our own way and have something individually unique. We are all someones daughter, someones sister or mother. Why then, is it such a challenge for us girls to feel beautiful.

Do we blame our upbringing? Our mother? Do we blame the media – who photoshop us to how we SHOULD look? Do we place the blame on our current situation? Our friends? Sure we can blame all we like, but at the end of the day who can change that?

You’ve already heard the answer in your head, or at least I hope you have. The answer is a no brainer really. US. ME. YOU.

I can take responsibility to accept me and know that I’m ok.Easier said than done I think… I struggle myself to this day…

Steps to Self Acceptance for women…

1. We all have wobbly bits. Since the dawn of time. Accept it.

2. Work out what you like about your body. Feature it.

3. Recognise the bits you don’t like. Accept them, they are going to be with you for the rest of your life.J Lo has a big butt and its pretty sexy 🙂 Pretty sure she’s struggled with fitting into jeans off the rack at one time or other. Breathe and go with it.

4. Ask your partner (if you have one) what your most sexy bits are. Pretty sure you’ll get wandering hands for an answer lol. Enjoy it.

5. Focus on the good. You are/get what you focus on. Love it.

Women have curves
Women have curves

Now having said that. This is my first blog. I still have issues with my body image (work in progress) and I’ll share some stories at a later date about my devils and demons. I have loads and I’m pretty sure my wobbly bits are bigger than yours 😉


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