What defines a well fitting bra? 5 tips on getting a good fit.

Got 2 boobs? How about massive gaping at the top of your cup? Do you show everybody your “bits” when you bend over?

What makes a bra comfortable and well fitted?

There is no bulging. Your breasts are halfway between your elbow and your shoulder. Not near your belly button 😉 The straps stay on. There is no gaping in the cup. A well fitted bra makes you look slimmer and your clothes fit better.

5 tips on getting a good fit.

1.The cup fits well and doesn’t gape at the top. The cup is too big if its gaping.

2. The underwire doesn’t dig in or cut you. If the underwire is uncomfortable, it means its too small.

3. The band doesn’t ride up your back. If your bra is riding up your back, the band is too big. Similarly, if its leaving huge red marks, its too small.

4. You’re not playing with your straps every minute and hoiking them back on. Either a smaller band or tightening the straps will fix that.

5. Bridge height. The higher the bridge (the bit in the middle) the more coverage you’ll have. IE the smaller you are – the lower your bridge height can be.


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