Happy day :)

I love what I do. I just wanted to share why it’s so special.

This weekend saw me catching up with loads of my customers I haven’t seen for ages. It was amazing to see the changes in these young girls lives just over a short period. Babies, romances and new adventures.

In my bra world people tell us things they usually only share with their close friends. Might have something to do with the fact that they are in a bedroom, stripped down to their bra, and standing with their back to me, over a suitcase of 70-80 bras. Intimacy.

There is something sacred about the trust you gain in such a situation, so I’m not going to betray that trust. Suffice to say I’ve been told about huge lotto wins, pregnancies, miscarriages, diagnosed illnesses, affairs, romance (and lack of) day after day.

I’m very priveledged and grateful for such trust. When I’m in the fitting room we’ve set up I’m 100% there.
Today I saw some girls I haven’t seen for a year. They are maturing into themselves and starting to make families with their partners. Their bodies are changing. It’s a tricky thing to deal with when your body changes.

You have to remember that making a baby is a special thing. Your ribs expand, bottom and belly and boobs grow way faster than what seems normal. Your clothes don’t fit. Nothing looks amazing and forget feeling great that midterm time where you just look like you are too much food.

I haven’t had the courage to tell these mid teens about the day their boobs head south and their butt gets lower 😉.

I try to remind the girls I see that their bodies are beautiful. Every bit.

Enough ramblings for now. One last thought.

People remember not what you say but how you made them feel.




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