If you’re a girl you have them. If you’re a guy you might have little ones (Hopefully not big ones.)

If you’ve read my other blog posts, You’ll know I fit bras. I also see loads of boobs. Actually, I see lots of backs, because i fit mostly from behind, but this post isn’t about backs. Invariably my eyes do stray across the odd breast here or there. Just sayin’.

What I’ve noticed about women in particular is that we are never happy with what we got given. The rise of plastic surgery is a clear indicator of this.

We have curly hair we want straight hair, we have a big butt, we want a small one. We have brown eyes we want green. Boobs are no exception. I think it’s interesting that we all want to change the shape or size of our breasts.

Is it because of our self esteem? Is it because we are trying to look like photoshopped models? Maybe you guys have some thoughts on this?

I’ve met girls who were born with the most amazing E cup breasts on a tiny waist (which is why they’re an bigger cup as its all relative to band size), and despise them. They have spent their life trying to hide the most gorgeous part of their anatomy. Often a reduction follows. And if your breasts are causing you medical issues and you’re wanting a reduction then fair enough. And. Sometimes it’s just plain hard to find a bra that fits, if you’re blessed with more than average.

Sometimes girls that loose massive amounts of weight are left with nothing, where there used to be something in the breast department. I can only imagine how that feels, comparing to other things I’ve lost in life.

Meanwhile the girls who weren’t blessed with extra are paying huge amounts of money to make theirs bigger. And not just a bit bigger. I am seeing sz 8/10 girls with enhancements that were supposed to be a D cup and have ended up an F or EE. And wanting push up bras at the end of it all.

This creates a problem because there aren’t really bras that fit you if you’re an 8F. And those puppies need support or they will be down to your naval in your twilight years. Nobody wants to trip on their tits getting out of bed in the morning. A good bra supports and keeps them where they need to be.

1. underwires dig because the cup is too small
2. Bands ride up your back because it’s too big.
3. cups gape because the shape isn’t right or they are too big.

The general rule:
If you go up a band size, you need to go down a cup. Ie: 34dd looking for a looser band should look for a 36d. Feel free to ask about more sizing if you have queries.

Anyway – girls, what you got from the stork is what suits your body. If you dress for your body shape, pick your most gorgeous asset – show it off thats a good start. Know that we don’t look like magazine celebrities (and neither do they).

Accepting yourself from the inside is going to be helpful….(After all, we’re all going to be wrinkly in a few years šŸ™‚

A bit of fun…
Names for breasts.

Can you add to my list?




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