A little about me and my life

Me. Im outspoken and opinionated. Positive and exciteable.

I’m 42. (o-0) I think that makes me middle aged? Lets pretend it doesn’t and im still young. Im certainly young at heart.

I’m passionate about women and their self esteem, travel and positivity. My friends say that I don’t do victim. They are right. My tolerance for people who are miserable and enjoy sharing their negativity is very very low.

I was blessed with an optimistic outlook on life and I guess even though my mother has “divorced me” – ???(I know, right – that’s a whole other topic for whole other day) she brought be up as an independent, positive woman. I guess I’m lucky I was born with the ability to always look for the silver lining – or is it something we work at?

Anyway my family are very positive and I’m attracted to optimism like a moth to a flame.

I do however have some massive body issues. I remember a really hurtful comment about my chubby bits when I was at uni by a guy who I’ve resented for 20 years for that remark. (Humming ‘let it go’ from Frozen).

Anyway, I do believe we all keep our cheesecake somewhere on our bodies and you can read more about that in my articles on body shapes.

I like to keep mine on my belly (or my body likes to accumulate it there) and that means I am halfway between an apple and an hourglass (I can pretend 😉)

And I believe the sooner we come to terms with ‘us being more than enough’ the more self aware and open we are to helping others on their journey.

Intimo gave me the ability to see myself differently and be grateful for my health and positive attitude. A gift. It gave me a huge gift.




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