Finding your tribe

It occurred to me today that I have found my tribe. Actually I knew I think a few years ago, but didn’t have the words for it.

My tribe is made up of beautiful women of all ages. And they have a passion for making other women feel good.

Women like to do that don’t they?

My tribe is a group of women who uplift and inspire others to be better and take action.

They all share the same attributes. A good sense of humor, a humility and a confidence that only comes with knowing that we all keep our cheesecake somewhere on our bodies.

Yep. That’s the confidence that comes from helping women find a bra that fits.
A bra that makes their clothes sit better. A bra that gives them dignity and makes them feel pretty, or sexy, or covered.

My tribe aren’t judgemental and have an understanding that life is a continual learning. They are self aware and know that mistakes are lessons.

I am blessed. My tribe 🙂 I found them: 40 something years on….. 😄


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