The struggle with strapless…

What if you could find an amazing strapless bra that didn’t feel like you were wearing it 🙂

Impossible I hear you say? Nope. The problem  is that we all have that one dress or amazing top we can’t wear with a normal bra. Or 3 or 4. Or more. 

We need one but they are so freakin. Uncomfortable. Gah.

So we buy clothes that don’t need a strapless or convertible.

When I was a teenager, I was a c cup, I think. Having my daughter and eating cheesecake added to those things and now I’m a EE so the struggle was exceptionally hard.  😶

But no matter what size we are, it’s hard to find a strapless that doesn’t jut out, stop your breathing or dig in all the sensitive places. Or end up in the bushes or your partners pocket at 2am. Or Make your boobs look like a sausage. 

Here’s the thing. Strapless need to be firm to stay up and that just plain hurts. I remember going to one of my friends weddings and wrestling with that damn bra until it finally got the better of me and I peeled it off my sore skin. With half my body attached! Great way to lose weight! Not. 

 The trick? Get one that has silicone at the top to grip from above. Rather than underneath. That way you’re not continually hoiking the bra up to stop it from ending up around your waist. That way it doesn’t have to be so tight that you can’t breathe. 

This one from Intimo? Doesn’t dig, stays put.  also curves over your bust. 2 breasts? Yes please! Nice. 

If you own one of these, love it and know girls who struggle feel free to comment and share 🙂 don’t keep it a secret. Share the love. #loveintimo. 

the Intimo convertible ~ amazing shape and comfortable!


2 thoughts on “The struggle with strapless…

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  1. Love my Intimo Strapless bras!! Yes so comfortable I have 3!! :0)
    Thanks Emma for introducing me to a strapless bra when I was sure because my boobs are a size 36E that I could never wear one!! It is very comfortable, can’t even tell I’m wearing it!!

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