Inspire. Take action. Its what you Do that counts

Recently I was asked to present an inspirational speech to my colleagues at our Intimo Showcase. For those of you interested in having a read. Here it is.

What could happen if we stopped procrastinating, making excuses and finally allowed ourselves to really pursue our dreams? “Holstee”

I’m Emma Martin, Mother, Life enthusiast, Partner, Ex-but soon to be again Intimo Director, current Team Leader and stylist for nearly 4 years.

My daughter is Hannah. My 10 year old reason. The littlest love of my life. And these are her favourite undies. (show sz 8 brief)

She is passionate, pedantic, proud and excitable. She is also driven, talented at overacting (she got that from me). Just recently her biggest life threatening drama was when she let me know exactly how I was failing her.

“Mummy, I can’t go to Daddy’s this weekend”. Why? I asked. Because I have no Intimo undies there. She looked at me with her serious little doe eyes and blinked. ”We can fix that” I said with a smile. I just got my conference box.”

When I first started Intimo in April 2011, I didn’t see the great potential and possibilities in front of me. Like some of you, I was allergic to “party plan”. I started by just seeing if I liked it. To my great surprise, I loved it! I loved making women feel amazing! I got that was more than just bras and undies. It was a chance to give that person a very special gift. The gift of feeling ok with themselves.

It’s addictive – My passion for making people feel amazing and inspires me.

It also gave me the gift of knowing we all keep our cheesecake somewhere. Intimo has given me body confidence that I’ve been able to transfer to my daughter. I’ve enjoyed watching that body confidence rub off onto her as her body develops into a young woman’s. She’s dyyyying to have boobs for me to fit and I catch her trying to make them grow daily.

Now, Hannah is pretty good at maths (she didn’t get that from me) and working out what my intimo business means to her. She knows what it means to receive a 50 piece Conference box. It means new undies for her. Best undies EVER. For her, these undies signify comfort, freedom, my income and its ability to give her Xmas presents and amazing holidays

Who is your inspiration? What drives you so passionately that you’ll leap over tall buildings in a single bound? (Which actually means “pick up the phone”.) Hannah is my inspiration.

What does it take for you to make sure your diary is full? To overcome the procrastination? Is your business crippled by inaction but best intentions? Do you make plans, but fail to take action?

Today I’d like to speak about inactivity, and being purposeful in your actions. We are going to talk about Doing.

One major reason my 13 year relationship failed was the inaction dealing with issues.

About 3 years ago my very clever ADHD step-son was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. For those of you who don’t know,  Asperger syndrome, is an autism spectrum disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, minimal empathy alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.

A very challenging thing to parent – let alone step-parent, especially if both parents aren’t on the same team, with a contingency plan. I found, however, I was repeatedly dealing with the behavior on my own. Over and over.

In October 2013, I found Hannah bailed up in the kitchen by my stepson with a sharp letter opener at her face and looking completely terrified. No-body in my household seemed to think this was a big deal except me and Hannah. I had expected his father to deal with this and he didn’t.

The anger and resentment I had been internalizing came to a crescendo and I allowed it to overcome me. I am ashamed to say that I took my years of frustration at the lack of help and action, out on my stepson, to the point where I found myself towering over the top of him – him crouched in the corner trying to hide from the screaming banshee. Me.

I realised I was stuck in the treadmill round and round. Waiting for someone else to take the steps to correct the behavioral issues in my family unit. But the someone else didn’t.

I looked at my little girl that day and knew I needed to show her that she didn’t need to feel threatened all the time. I knew my Intimo business would financially support the flexibility I needed to be a single parent, available for school pick-ups, homework and other responsibilities.

I remember the hot late January day I took Hannah to the townhouse Id rented. She looked at the old graveyard across the road and her little eyes opened like saucers. “What if the zombies come?” she asked sincerely. “Well, if there is a Zombie apocalypse, at least we’ll be the first zombies”. She considered this for a moment and decided that was ok. We walked in that townhouse, saw her grin, and knew I’d made the right decision.

I wanted to show Hannah that she always has choices. You just need to be brave enough to take action. One step at a time. Many steps equal walking. Walking equals direction. Direction equals momentum.

When I read that to Hannah she asked if it was about One Direction J Baby you light up my life like nobody else.

What’s stopping you from choosing to take that first step?  Or the second one?

Who can you be awesome for?  Who popped into your head as I was talking about little Hannah?

Who ignites your fire?

So what is it going to be for you? Have you set strong intentions for 2015? And what will you do with those intentions?

Are you going to walk toward consistency? freebees? 5*overseas rewards? Conferences? Consistent  Income? Build a team by sharing this amazing business?  And how will you do that? What are you prepared to DO.

I remember a day (actually several days) at the start of my Intimo career.  I think I’d had all my bookings for the week postpone. It happens right? It happened to me 3 days ago. Who‘s been there?

I remember pacing a path in the front yard, phone to my ear. Pitying my scenario to Carys Martin. She reminded me that one foot in from of the other = walking = direction = momentum.  I have so many scratches on my face from running into trees. My point is – keep going! Get up and step forward!

Learn to do the basics well. Practice your sponsoring and booking bids and get good at the basics.( I’m still a bit crap at hostess coaching, but I’m practicing. ) I’ve been to every showcase, every conference, soaked up every training, dialed into tele-seminars and read all the party plan books I could get my hands on. Learn. Practice.


6 months into my Intimo journey, I watched my intimo sisters’ head to Bali on the rewards trip with mixed emotions. I was so excited for them and so envious for me! My intention was for them to never go without me ever again. I made a plan. Intentions plus plans equal results.  Choose a goal that is bigger than your fear. Put up some pictures, make a vision board.

I made a growth plan to achieve the rewards trip based a minimum personal volume of 12500 per month (not always achieved – some higher and some lower) and aimed for 2 sponsoring appointments per week. This means I needed to do 12 bookings at $1000. And Sponsor a min of 4-6.

This also meant I means  we see 100 women a month (100 backs and a lot of cheesecake) our business’s grow. I also qualified Team leader in the process. I was very proud of myself. Then you just do more of the same J

Turning knowledge into action takes practice. Something I took away from Robin Banks at Jan conference is – Knowledge isn’t power, applied knowledge is power. It’s what you DO with it that counts. Are you seeing a theme?

One step at a time. Many steps equal walking. Walking equals direction. Direction equals momentum.

When my relationship ended I forgot to step forward and just assumed my business would look after itself. Oops. I forgot to do my booking bids, So guess what happened?   My diary emptied. I missed my freebees.  I forgot to ask everyone about joining me. And even if I had been asking – who was going to want to join someone who didn’t radiate positivity and excitement?  I lost team members, they weren’t inspired. I know. What a surprise!

By the end of the of my recovery year, I had 5 bookings left in my diary. I knew what I needed to do (as you know what you need to do). I got on the phone, connected, and asked! I ended up with 12K in Dec thanks to an amazing promo and being a bit brave. This means a strong start to the year. One step at a time. Many steps equal walking. Walking equals direction. Direction equals momentum.

Inactivity and inaction are the reason that Intimo businesses do not flourish.

Do you believe you can take action to achieve your goal?

In September 2013, I qualified for Director because I believed I could. I have really strong goals. I strongly believe that this business works. If you work.

One of the fabulous things about this business is that you can step forward at any time. Make it as big as you believe it can be. And the best thing is that when you fall over, you can get back up and try again. One step at a time.  Or one tree in the face at a time.

I have refocused my goal. My intention.

My current goal is earn enough money not to just live, but to live fabulously, have healthy savings and no credit card debt. This will allow me to entertain my other great passion – Travel. I will of course be going to Kho Samui. I’m hoping to bring my new partner and our family for an after-adventure this October. That brought a rousing cheer when they were my  crash test dummies last night)

My intention is to have a minimum amount of 12-14 bookings in my diary at the start of each month. So far – so good.

My intention is to provide a good strong team learning environment. To support my team in bringing more women to our team. To help others grow and learn. J

My intention is to invest in myself continually. I’ve enrolled for the 7 habits course in March (for the third time) and the coaching school in August.  Leadership course next year.

How can you create momentum for this year?

I want you to take a minute to close your eyes and think about how your intimo business looks today – Does it looked like you dreamed it would?   Has it been floating around your head like a daring scary dream? What actions have you taken to make that dream happen?

Do you have a clear goal? A clear intention?

  • Write down that intention if you haven’t already. Jot it down now.
  • When you get home, break it down into chunks. How much is that per month? How many bookings do you need to achieve it? How many team members?
  • Get good at the basics. Learn about getting solid bookings, inspiring sponsoring bids and exciting hostess coaching. The stylist suite has everything you need to succeed.
  • Go to as much training and qualify for as many showcases and conferences as you can.
  • Enroll in the 7 habits course. I can’t stress enough how amazing this is for your personal and professional development.
  • Get organized. If you procrastinate, book time in your diary for go zones and turn everything else off – get rid of the distractions. Yes, you may have to turn off facebook.

Early bookings in the year multiply to a healthy diary. If youre inspired and you have a goal, bookings turn into more bookings, loyal customers and team members. Which turns into income. Which turns into freedom and lifestyle.

Today Hannah is a precocious, happy and self-confident little human with a present mother. With minus AA boobs  – but she’s had a little bit of intimo gold rub off onto her which is fabulous.

But remember – One direction……One step at a time. Many steps equal walking. Walking equals direction. Direction equals ……..momentum.

What actions are you willing to take to make 2015 a momentous year for you and your family?


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