Over the last few days, I have been pondering authenticity.

Its my thing. It ticks my values boxes.

The thing that set me free. Released my masks. Authenticity is so important in most walks of life, but for now I’m thinking about how it transfers into the sales world because of a little chat with a friend.

She argued with me that if you’re in “sales” “you look for the weak spot” and then go in for the kill.  Now this touched a rather deep nerve of mine, because I have always considered sales a a helping process, an honest process, rather than stitching someone up.

Option 1 is about building a relationship and trust. Option 2 is a narrow minded, short term way to run a business. Death by sales.

Sales IS about HELPING. Its about identifying a need and helping someone fill that need. Honestly and with integrity.

Now if I wanted a high turnover business with a limited life span, I could go down the track of my friends thoughts, and burn my customers by treating them like a number, but why would I want to do that? Make people feel taken advantage of? Make them feel like they have been “had”. Yeah, no. It’s possible she’s jaded 😉

Why wouldn’t I take the time to do the right thing by people, which in turn builds mutual trust and respect. Which in turn builds a long term booming business. With referrals and repeat customers. That’s a no-brainer in my eyes.

When i ask good questions of the person I’m trying to help, she feels heard, I gain knowledge about how I can best be of service to her and our relationship deepens, as I am able to help her and fill a need she has. This is called Qualification and I believe its the singular most important step in the taught sales process. With this step done well,  trust grows, and over time and we develop a friendship, and a mutual understanding.

Anyway – i digress.  Where does authenticity come in?  Authenticity comes into play from the very first second we meet someone. When we are comfortable in ourselves and authentically present and listening to others, we can take the time to hear properly. For one – I think our “bullshit radars” work pretty well in general don’t they? We can pick if someone isn’t being “themselves”.

We can take stock of their needs and wants, and best help them  – if our product matches their need. (If it doesn’t and you try to push it on them – its called selling). No body wants to be sold to. Do you like being “sold” to? I definitely don’t. But I love being helped!

Ways to connect with your authenticity:

  1. Determine your values. What are some words that describe you? Whats important to you?
  2. Write a vision based on your values. Google the Holstee Manifesto – this is my take on authenticity. Yours, of course will be different.
  3. Invest in personal growth. Learn.
  4. Do you love what you do? Reassess your career path if you don’t LOVE it
  5. Accept yourself. You are you. Dr Seuss is a brilliant dude.
  6. Are you showing others what is really inside? Why?
  7. When you make decisions, make them based around your authenticity and values.
  8. Make a list of a few activities you love.
  9. Make a list of 5 goals you want to achieve
  10. Remember your values can change – anytime. They are not set in stone.


Choose your values, live with integrity, truth and honesty, because by following this true north you can be a happier you. Don’t let your role in life define who you are, take action to become your authentic self.

Does your work match your values? Are they aligned?   If not make the change! Look out for values that steal your time – allow time for the ones that bring out your authenticity and make you happy.


Our personal strengths are part of what makes us unique as individuals, and part of the value we offer to the world around us.

Possible Values List – not complete just some ideas.

  • Accomplishment
  • Authenticity
  • Balance
  • Beauty
  • Boldness
  • Calm
  • Community
  • Compassion
  • Confidence
  • Contribution
  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Determination
  • Excellence
  • Freedom
  • Friendship
  • Family
  • Fun
  • Growth
  • Happiness
  • Harmony
  • Health
  • Honesty
  • Independence
  • Integrity
  • Intuition
  • Joy
  • Kindness
  • Learning
  • Listening
  • Love
  • Loyalty
  • Optimism
  • Orderliness
  • Passion
  • Patience
  • Peace
  • Productivity
  • Respect
  • Self-Esteem
  • Service
  • Simplicity
  • Spirituality
  • Strength
  • Thankfulness
  • Tradition
  • Trust
  • Understanding
  • Wisdom

love xx,  Emma