Hands up if you love bra shopping!

If you’re one of the few who put your hands up, then you probably need to contact me about doing what I do.

However for the majority of us the biggest issue with trying to find a bra that fits, in my opinion is the fact that a 14d isn’t always a 14d. The style, the shape of the wire, and the fabric all make a huge difference to the fit and whether not it suits your body shape.

And that’s the challenge isn’t it?

Not all bras are created equal. But you dig through the wash for that ONE bra that fits like a glove. 

That’s my job. I help women find THAT bra. That bra that you need to find in the bottom of the washing basket and wear again and again because it’s the only one you don’t want to feed the dog at the end of the day. 

A bra fitter knows how the wires sit, what the height of the bridge will do and generally ask great questions about you to discover what you like.  

Get fitted ladies. It makes the world of difference. Intimo